At AMRoC , we’re currently working with program partner Michael Guinn, who is heading up a large-scale protective face shield production project that involves 3D printing  thousands of shields requested by area hospitals. We’re helping coordinate off-site, volunteer printers and operating as a collection site to help maximize output.  Between his onsite printers and remote volunteers, nearly 50 3D printers are currently being employed to meet demand for the face shields.  

But we can use more volunteer printers, and financial donations as well, to help keep the community factory humming productively.

If you have a 3D printer, you can join in (see below Call for Printers) . If you don’t have a 3D printer you can help with donations to help resupply printer filament, plastics for the face shield, and parts for repairs, as printers are running 24/7 and parts need to be replaced as they wear out. 

People can donate directly to Michael Guinn (info below), who is heading up this project, or if you prefer to give via our nonprofit, FCDI,   we’ll apply donations as noted  to MRG 3D.  

You can also sponsor an onsite printer at MRG3D’s main facility – 
From Michael Guinn, of MRG 3D: Adopt a 3D Printer
If you’re interested in doing this, your name, or a name of your choosing will be affixed to the printer and you will personally get regular updates on your printer along with pictures of it in action! The proceeds will go towards doing needed maintenance and costly repairs. At the end of this, your printer will be donated to a local organization of your choosing, along with a lesson on how to use it, by yours truly.
If you have the resources and want to donate, we need a lot more materials, supplies, equipment, etc.!  You can Venmo us(@MichaelRGuinn) so we can avoid online fees. Or go here: OR
You can follow project progress at and if you have a 3D printer and want to volunteer, you can join: and post under the External Printer thread and we’ll get you squared away.

Visit our Consolidated for COVID page at the AMRoC Fab Lab website to see other ways to get involved, or to list other community efforts. 

3D Printers Needed for COVID Face Shields