In the past 25 days, both my primary source of freelance consulting Income and the Start-Up I was in a partnership launching since December 2019 have ended. I spent this past week phone/email networking, working the job boards (ugh!) and trying and not finding even a single Corona Financial Assistance program, which I meet the application requirements or is not already oversubscribed.

I attended the Tampa Bay Synapse Summit in 2018, 2019 and 2020. Reading yesterday’s email announcing “Synapse Resources” could not have arrived at my Inbox at a more needed moment in time. At the moment, I have nothing but time, know-how and a considerable measure of fear-based on my current situation, plus the three fairly well-developed Business Concepts that need to be heard by the right audience and considered for funding and mentoring ASAP. I have 25+ years of experience in Business Development, a good level of success leading ventures and even a past residency in a well-know Business Incubator and New Product Development Group.

The three Concepts are as different as biology, chemistry and physics, but each can be profitable within year one or two and have attractive ROI Metrics proportionate to their Seed and later round Capital Requirements. I am not asking for any NDAs to be completed and will keep this somewhat urgent request for advice and funding as simple as an email and/or phone interchange to review the three business concepts and receive your vote and feedback. I would just like to know up front who I am communicating with and where you are located. I will be glad to share my LinkedIn Profile and/or Resume. Thank you in advance. I really look forward to hearing back from you and a few dynamic and ready to help locally-based investors.