Hyperbaric Oxygen (HBOT) is being used globally and in Louisiana, but I don’t believe it is available in Florida for Covid-19. There have been no deaths using HBOT and it has shortened recovery to approximately 6 days (avg 20 days) without needing to be intubated. It is a less convenient treatment but appears to be more effective and safer. I understand the concern about not wanting to mix Covid patients with wound healing. There are mobile units. It may be less expensive to buy a couple mobile units than all the money spent on respirators, temporary hospital beds, unemployment and shutting down the economy. They are anticipating additional waves and this won’t be the last pandemic. The mobile units could also be used to treat neglected warriors after the need decreases for Covid. Here is a link to Dr Harch explaining how it works. The site also contains the research. https://hbot.com/webinar-covid-19-hbot-what-we-know-and-what-we-dont/ Please take 5 minutes to watch the video. Wouldn’t you want this available if your family gets sick? Also, doctors can currently use it as off-label treatment; they just don’t have access to it or training. Reimbursements will need to be figured out, which is why I think gov. funding may be the best option.
To make this available in Tampa, we would ideally need the involvement of USF Health/TGH, FL Dept of Health, Gov Funding, and Healthcare financial personnel to help figure out the economics and how to set it up. With shortening hospital stays, minimizing deaths and reducing the need for respirators, I would think we could open up more and get back to more business. Also, as a note to the medical researchers, please test for the HLA-DR genes (labcorp test is 167120) as there is chatter that it is the same population as CIRS. If it is the same population, the CIRS research and treatments may be able to be leveraged to turn off the inflammation and promote healing. In addition, it would confirm one at risk population and HLA-DR testing to identify it (it is estimated to be 20% of the population). The other 80% could potentially roam free. There are also chats of people not healing after Covid and have CIRS like symptoms, which is also supporting the need to test the genes. I am not saying that we can just open up and throw these in place, but I am saying that they are worth putting in place and testing for confirmation or ruling out HLA-DR genes. Is anyone interested in putting a group together to try and make this available in Tampa?