Find what you need.

Share what you have.  

COVID-19 has forever changed our world. Innovators, hackers, makers, doers, creators and leaders are working quickly to meet our community’s needs.

This platform is a central repository for the needs and resources for the Florida Innovation Community.  

Post a “Need” if there’s something the community can offer to help you make progress on a project or recover during this crisis.  

Post what you “Have” if you have time, talents or treasure – any type of resource – that you’d be willing to share that could support the community.  It might be a job or contractor opportunity, resources for masks/shields, time or subject matter expertise or dozens of other ways to help.

If you see a “Need” or “Have” that would be valuable to you, comment that you can support and Synapse will review your request. If approved, Synapse will send you both a warm introduction, creating a valuable connection.

Just like all of our work in response to this pandemic, this platform is a work in progress, designed to serve Florida’s Innovation Community.



Do you need help?

Everyone is dealing with the effects of COVID-19 differently, with non- essential business shut down and mass unemployment it seems like everyone needs help right now, be as specific as you can, and open to help in other forms.

Want to help others?

People are coming together to help others during this crisis in amazing ways. What can you do to help others? This is a place for resources and community support. What skills or supplies do you have that can help us bring the community together?