PBX-Change has responded to our clients’ needs by providing a technology solution that enables the ability to quickly deploy a contact center solution. The WebEx Contact Center Quick Deployment Solution is a cloud contact center that can typically be deployed in less than a week.

The quick deployment solution bundles premium agent software, and a robust set of omnichannel, routing, and reporting capabilities for up to 1,000 concurrent agents, and features:

  • Quick deployment (typically 5 business days from order placement)
  • Rapid ramp-up for crisis response teams
  • No need for VPN connection for service
  • Special considerations for qualifying health care providers such as hospitals and medical clinics

This solution is useful for any Tampa Bay business that has an immediate need for the new or expanded resources of a cloud contact center. The solution helps companies who need to offload expanding volume from their current contact center to a secondary platform while ensuring scalability and continuity of services. Companies who don’t currently have a contact center but need to provide their customers an “emergency hotline” and for companies who want to provide the flexibility for their agents and supervisors to work from home and avoid unnecessary exposure without the need for a VPN connection.

To find out if the WebEx Contact Center is right for your business, please call 813-734-8912. 

More information at https://www.pbx-change.com/cisco-webex-contact-center/.