AMRoC Fab Lab is both creating on site and collaborating  at the community level in high volume protective face shield production for health care and other front line community workers. We can produce 3D printed “halo” tension fit shields for health care that can be disinfected for reuse, as well as disposable non-3D printed shields that can be cleaned and reused a few times as well, but are intended for use in non-medical environments.

Health care workers and other essential workers may put in requests for shields, as well as some replacement components for medical equipment that we may be able to 3D print or machine, by writing to or getting in touch via the AMRoC website contact page:

Financial donations to help with purchases of 3D printer filament, thin plastic, elastic, foam, replacement parts for 3D printers and cleaning supplies, as well as in-kind donations of any of these items, are appreciated to help maintain production. All face shields are supplied free of charge to healthcare workers, hospitals and first responders.