CX Vantage is owned and operated by a female business executive that has experienced all degrees of small and large business climates. Especially in our current rapid change of operations, business strategies are at a stand still. We can help to realign the business in three key facets that we refer to as a R3 Methodology that is specifically focused on your internal community, partners and clients:

  1. Reengage
  2. Reinvent
  3. Retain

The governance of communications and customer engagement is more critical. The points of interactivity between people and systems and the social media input should be synchronized and managed to appropriately represent a company’s voice and service in an unprecedented time. As lead CMO for CX Vantage, I welcome the opportunity to explore what your company  needs are.

Best Regards,

Shelia Reed

CX Vantage
Aligning Engagement, Retention and Revenue