Given the current economic climate, I, powered by JarredBunch Consulting am offering a comprehensive financial audit for free. As a personal CFO, I will take you through a guided Private Wealth Process designed to address the 4 challenges of wealth building and guide you to your full financial potential. When the crisis hit, it exposed many people to the holes in their  financial life… I’m offering to help protect against that happening again!

This is designed for a number of different people, those who benefit the most: Business Owners (small to large), sales professionals, recent graduates, new families. This is where most of my personal experience is held. We have a team of personal CFOs that specialize in other areas. We want to help you Hack your Future!

This interaction can be simple to very complex. Typical areas of discussion:

  1. Cashflow
  2. Protection
  3. Financial Organization
  4. Debt Strategies
  5. Tax Strategy
  6. Wills & Trusts
  7. Savings
  8. Investments (short, mid, and long)
  9. 401(k) plan (as a business owner offering it to employees)
  10. Executive Compensation
  11. Creative Financial Strategies for business owners
  12. Cashflow banking (infinite banking)

The comprehensive review is FREE with no obligation to hire, continue receiving advice or move forward with any recommendations given. We are in this together, I want to see everyone come out stronger than before!

Lastly, to assist in getting and staying financially organized, I am offering our online portal, JB Wealth Builder, for a 50% reduction in price (into perpetuity) for non-clients. This software comes free for full time clients but can be used by non-clients for a fee.

I invite you to come discover the Smarter, Faster, Non-Conforming, Private Wealth Building, Always Got Your Back Bunch!