Just being on LinkedIn won’t lead you to your next job. You need to make LinkedIn work for you.

Over the past 2 years, I have experimented with LinkedIn (while I was in college) to figure out the best ways to leverage the platform to find a job. I now receive over 200,000 views on my content each month which translates to about 2,000 profile views and when I graduated I had a couple of job offers including one from the Big 4 to do consulting.

I have taken everything that I’ve learned to create an online course that will help you optimize your LinkedIn profile and discover the new way to find a job. For this course, I’ve partnered up with Stan Miller (Founder of Storicate), to help you master your story on LinkedIn. Stan has helped numerous individuals real career heights that they’ve never dreamed of with his coaching.

The course is $79.

For more information about the course, please visit: https://www.getchogrindup.com/linkedin-course

Or send me an email to learn more.